Saturday, 8 February 2014

Five years of Glencoe Mountaineer (posted by Alex)

In a departure from usual service, Alex is posting this special anniversary piece as James is currently enjoying a brief holiday in Norway. I'm sure he will have stories to tell and photos to share when he gets back!

Five years of Glencoe Mountaineer. Where does the time go?

On this day precisely five years ago I registered the domain and posted this introductory message. The purpose of the blog was humble: to provide an online space where I would post brief updates on winter climbing conditions, plus reports on my outings.

It slumbered in obscurity for over a year, but in the winter of 09-10 it really took off and now sees a huge amount of traffic over the winter months. The Facebook community is also vibrant and has over 1500 fans.

Over the years the blog has evolved and grown. At first, I was the only writer; James first came on the scene in June 2010 while I was off adventuring in Norway. When I eventually moved away from Glencoe he took over the blog completely, and under his editorship it has flourished. He's a better climber and photographer than me and his amazing images of the Scottish hills have become nationally famous.

In this post I would like to share six of the best moments in Glencoe Mountaineer's history to date: three from me, and three from James. Ultimately this can only be a tiny snapshot and this blog is a very personal treasure trove of wonders ... picking just six has been very difficult!

19th of February, 2010


(No.2 Gully, Ben Nevis)
12th of May, 2010


(Pygmy Ridge plus a backpacking voyage to Braeriach)
23rd of May, 2010


28th of May, 2012


18th of February, 2013


1st of March, 2013

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