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The Atholl Expedition (a guest post by Alex Roddie)


(Alpine Dawn #1)
by Alex Roddie

Long-term readers of this blog will have heard of Alex Roddie (that's me), former barman of the Clachaig Inn and founder of this website - although it's now run exclusively by my brother James. I am an author who writes in the small and obscure genre of mountain fiction. My first novel, The Only Genuine Jones, was critically acclaimed when it came out in late 2012 and some readers may even have attended the book launch event for the paperback edition at the Clachaig in February 2013.

It's my pleasure to announce that my second novel, The Atholl Expedition, has now been published as a Kindle ebook. A paperback edition is due to launch in early 2014.

Introducing James Forbes in the quest for Scotland's last glacier.

SCOTLAND, 1847. Convalescence doesn't suit Professor Forbes. When one of his former students appears exhausted at his door, telling stories of bloodthirsty gamekeepers and a mythical glacier in the heart of the Cairngorm mountains, he can't resist the chance for another adventure. However, his journey coincides with a visit from Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, and the Royal Consort has an ambition to shoot the oldest and most cunning hart of the Atholl estate.

Forbes is soon involved in the chase of his life - with perhaps one last chance to make his name before it is too late.

The wilderness of the Cairngorms is trodden by legendary stags, demons of local folklore, and a few brave souls all seeking very different things from the wild. This is a tale of life in the Scottish mountains before mountaineering began.

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I am tremendously excited about this new project. The Atholl Expedition isn't just a new book for me; it's the start of a much larger voyage, a fictional journey into the origins of mountaineering itself. In the Alpine Dawn series I hope to visit many places known to readers of this blog, not limited to the Scottish Highlands but venturing into the Alps as well ... and it was a very different world in the 1840s.

The reviews are already starting to come in. Here's what outdoor blogger Alistair Young, owner of Stravaiger's eBothy, has to say about The Atholl Expedition:
This is not a mountaineering book. It’s a damn good story with fantastic characters set in fantastic scenery. It’s a book for anyone who loves wild places and cracking good yarns. 
There are some wonderfully philosophical gems which are a hallmark of Alex’s writing, such as the evocative summit bivvy during the chase, in the heart of the wild Cairngorm landscape. 
I love the fictional/philosophical mix of Alex’s writing and he has a wonderful eye for the unseen. He can pick a place, add a character or two, get his magic spurtle out, give it a good stir and what comes out is more than went in and you’re left thinking, nodding and smiling.
Authors thrive on word of mouth so, if you enjoy reading it, please consider leaving a review and telling your friends. I think every reader of this blog will enjoy my fictional journey into the Cairngorm mountains and I look forward to reading your feedback.

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