Monday, 4 November 2013

Winter begins

Fiacaill Ridge, 4th November 2013. Winter's arrival!
The summer this year was a confusing time for me. Leaving Glencoe in the Spring was absolutely the right decision, but I had no doubts that I would come to miss it greatly. And miss it I do, despite now living in a similarly wonderful part of the world.

At first I didn't feel it at all, but it crept up on me during the summer. I didn't anticipate just how big a hole that being away from the glen would leave in me. Not being in that constant state of total immersion in the landscape felt alien, and for a couple of months I struggled with making sense of life outside of the bubble of the Clachaig and the intoxicating atmosphere of Glencoe.

Now that I am more into the rhythm of things, I am finding my new and different relationship with the mountains very rewarding. And my summer ended up being one of my most successful seasons ever, with many great days climbing amazing mountain routes on Skye and in the Cairngorms.

And some things never change. Since the end of August, as always, my thoughts have often settled on the coming winter climbing season and the brightened reality that I exist in during the colder months of the year. October arrived and I spent much of my spare time bathing in the glorious lighting and colours of a Cairngorms autumn.

This week, winter began. I climbed Fiaciall Ridge this morning to breath it in and soak it up, and to mark the start of my favourite season. All my thoughts today are the coming months, my fifth winter season living in the Highlands.

Have a great winter everyone, see you out there :-)

About a foot of fresh snow on the Cairngorm plateau.
Rime covering the rocks everywhere, but the turf hasn't frozen yet.


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  1. Hopefully we have some good weather and you can make the most of the winter season, I'm looking forward to reading more updates!

    I am hoping to get into winter walking this year, with the hope of doing winter climbing next year possibly (maybe an introduction to some grade I or II). Better get myself booked on a course somewhere!