Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Above the Loch Avon Basin

A stunning winter day on the Cairngorm plateau

Patience, the virtue that eludes me so often, seems to be with me for once.

Nothing for me to climb just yet…the turf remains unfrozen and there are almost no routes in conditions yet I'd be willing to solo. So instead of the usual tearing-out-my-hair-in-frustration which comes with the first snows, today I went winter hill-walking without feeling close to bursting point, possibly for the first time ever this early-season.

If you have never been into the Loch Avon Basin, then check it out some time. I lived in Glencoe for 4 years and on Skye for a month and it remains one of the most impressive places I've ever seen in Scotland. Climbing here in summer was brilliant, but today for the first time I got to see it under a foot of snow.

I can't wait to winter climb here when the conditions arise. But for now, as a spectator…what a place!


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