Friday, 12 July 2013

Serrated Rib, Stag Rocks

 A flawless summer day in the Loch Avon Basin.

Soloing Raeburn's Buttress Direct on tuesday left me feeling satisfied and content. Some routes can become really important to you, and sometimes after climbing one of them I like to step back for a short while, reflect and think about what I want next. 

Afterwards there is always a short period when I like to just get out and be amongst the mountains, and not necessarily have a goal or agenda for a change. It feels like a release, before that itch starts to inevitably build again and "what's next" is always on my mind.

Yesterday morning was beautiful. Mist filled the glens and the drive up past Loch Morlich was at its finest, red squirrels chasing each other across the road and mallards breaking the glassy reflections of the Northern Corries in the water. It was warm and the sky was full of promise, the kind of day when everything feels just that much better.

Unbroken sunshine over the Cairngorms

Dawn mist on Loch Morlich

Carn Etchachan and the Shelterstone

But I wandered into the magnificent Loch Avon Basin without much of an agenda, quite happy to simply be there. My eyes turned to the sharp arete of Serrated Rib on Stag Rocks and it looked inviting, the rock sun-kissed and dry as a bone. So up I headed and found my way up, the feeling of hot sun on my neck more important than the actual climbing for once.

Serrated Rib (Moderate*), Stag Rocks

Serrated Rib is the central arete

Would I have had any less of a good day if I'd not climbed a route yesterday? I'm not sure, but that uncertainty feels good sometimes, to not feel failure if the route is not ticked….and for longer term satisfaction to be more important than the immediate.


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