Thursday, 27 June 2013

Ketchil Buttress

 Soloing Ketchil Buttress (Diff*), Maol Chean-dearg, Torridon
It is alarming just how quickly that "can't be arsed" feeling can appear with a few drops of rain on the car windscreen. I was already yawning when it started…my usual mid-summer sleep difficulties having re-surfaced in the last few weeks. Sometimes you almost want to get rained off.

I stopped my car near Achnasheen and got out. It felt midgy and muggy, the cloud was hugging the hill-sides and there was no sign of a break in the flat, grey lighting…and thoughts of going home for another mug of tea nearly got the better of me.

The start of Ketchil Buttress
The route takes the obvious central buttress

Good and clean square cut rock on the route

"Grey" was a theme yesterday I guess. Grey light and poor conditions for photography, but it was the miniature quartzite world of grey on Ketchil Buttress that  so changed my mood and made me smile. Steep grey steps of square-cut holds and bone dry rock, not what I'd been fearing after those first drops of rain on my windscreen. Grey on the wings of the osprey that took me by surprise on my way home.

An osprey in flight

You top-out from a route and you wonder how you could have considered just turning round and not bothering. Would it be special if it didn't some require effort?


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  1. Ooft - tell me about that.. "Can't be arsed" and "I want a cup of tea" usually turns into "SO glad I came" by 5pm :-)