Friday, 3 May 2013

57 Degrees North

Evening light on the giant cliffs of Rubha Hunish, 1st May 2013. For the next month I shall be based on Skye.

Immerse yourself in a landscape for long enough, and you can start to think of it like an old friend. Like a person, landscapes have a way of only revealing their nuances with time…and those nuances are the key to personality. I have always found the most joy discovering the hidden depths of a place, to know somewhere in all its moods. God is in the detail.

For the next month I will be based at the North end of the Isle of Skye. After thinking about doing this for years, I grabbed the chance with both hands when the opportunity arose.

Anyone who has spent any time on Skye in good weather can't have failed to be gripped by the place.  Is there anywhere else with such a magical collection of improbable and spectacular landscapes?

I've been fortunate to be able to make many visits to the Hebrides and have been to quite a lot of the islands. But I've always ached to spent a good chunk of time on one of them, to get stuck in and immerse myself.

In the past nearly all my trips to Skye have been to climb on the mountains of the Cuillin. But this time I am here with a mind to explore this extraordinary landscape in a broader way, to explore the coasts and caves and castles as well. To hill-run, walk and watch wildlife as well as climb, to look for those nuances and hidden depths - and hopefully leave feeling like I know an old friend better than before.


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