Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Only Genuine Jones by Alex Roddie now available on Kindle

The new book by Alex Roddie, founder of this website (and still an occasional contributor) has now been released in Kindle format.

The novel is partly set in Glencoe, and strongly inspired by adventures chronicled in this blog since 2009, so should be essential reading for all fans! It's an adventure story about the mountains first and foremost, but is also a speculative look at how the climbing culture of the late 19th century might have developed under different conditions.

The book is already starting to get rave reviews from advance readers, and award winning writer Susan Fletcher, author of Corrag (also set in Glencoe) and The Silver Dark Sea, has described it as "extraordinarily accomplished storytelling - tense, taut and deeply atmospheric..."

To buy the book, click here ... or to visit the author's website and find out more, click here. Alex can also be found on Twitter @alex_roddie.

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