Thursday, 30 August 2012

Off to the Alps and the end of my Scottish summer.

There was a distinct nip in the air when I walked out of my bothy early this morning. For the first time a hint that autumn will very soon be here. High on the hills the grass is showing signs of browning and it was sleeting on the Ben yesterday morning. 

On saturday morning I leave for a 3 week trip to the Swiss Alps. For the first time since I've been in Glencoe I'm not ending my summer with stuff still left on my "to-do" list for the season. 

I'll be going off to the Alps with a very full and satisfying Scottish summer behind me. The last few months have been some of the most enjoyable of all my time in the Highlands, so many great days in the sun and in so many different parts of Scotland.

And a lot of memorable climbs to look back on too…from classics such as the near-mythical North-East Ridge of Aonach Beag or the superb East Buttress of Beinn Eighe…to completely new and unrecorded routes in Glencoe.

I've climbed 6 new routes in the glen this summer, something I'm pretty pleased with as finding quality new routes anymore is quite a challenge…and a couple of my new routes are actually rather good. The feeling of climbing into un-known ground, solo and onsight, such a wonderful mixture of fear and elation. 

But now all my thoughts turn to the next three weeks, and the fact when I return from the Alps it will to be the start of another Highland autumn. 

See you all in a few weeks folks.

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