Wednesday, 25 July 2012

New book on Glencoe soon to be available

Regular readers of this blog will be aware that the website's founder (and now only occasional contributor) Alex Roddie has been writing about mountains for a few years now. He is currently in the process of getting his latest book, The Only Genuine Jones, ready for publication and it is expected to be available in Amazon Kindle and other ebook formats in early Autumn.

Glencoe features prominently in the story, as do other locations well known to British mountaineers--including Ben Nevis, Wasdale Head, Great Gable, and Grindelwald.

Want to know more about The Only Genuine Jones? Check out the official author website here (, or follow Alex on Facebook here.


O.G. Jones is a climber with a reputation for stirring up trouble. It's 1896 and the conservative British mountaineering community is undergoing radical change, thanks to a handful of bold youngsters who dare to climb the icy north faces of the Alps. Standing against them all, desperate for recognition, the talented Aleister Crowley threatens to sweep it all away and remake the Alpine world in his own image, bringing destruction to Jones and his friends.

It's a new age of heroes, of legendary deeds, of ambition ... but the spectre of death follows those who dare to look to the future, and nothing will ever be the same again for this small band of remarkable men and women.

Adventure and romance, the Victorian spirit of progress, and the savage beauty of the wild combine to make this a tale of the mountains unlike any other. 

All Rights Reserved
Cover design and montage (C) John Amy,
Ice axe original photo courtesy of Monte Dodge

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