Tuesday, 13 September 2011

A September storm in Glencoe (posted by James)

The River Coe going mental....

I think I'm fairly safe in saying that we've just had the rainiest 5 days in Glencoe since I arrived in the spring of 2009. I have never seen such continuous torrential rainfall.

As a result the River Coe is putting on an absolutely spectacular display…showing off, frankly! The water level is the highest I've seen it, and the steeper, faster sections are raging torrents which are almost frightening to look at.

Down by the village quite a lot of trees on the banks of the river are fairly submerged, and the water level is starting to look a bit close to the bottom of the bridge.

Just before the bridge into Glencoe village

I've been up and down the glen a bit in my car having a look at things - the waterfalls are really worth taking a look at! I dare say there will be a few surprised drivers when they turn the corner at the Meeting of the Three Waters. As for the Allt Coire nam Beithach (the waterfall underneath the W face of Aonach Dubh), all I can say is that just now it is absolutely immense.

The Allt Coire nam Beithach

The rain is still getting heavier….


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