Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Rockfall at Tower Gap: an important update (posted by Alex)

Recently most small updates have been put on the Facebook page instead of the blog, but this is a fairly important development that might affect many mountaineers in the West so I thought it would reach a larger audience being posted as a main blog article.

Following a recent rockfall at Tower Gap (Tower Ridge, Ben Nevis) it would now appear that the crux downclimb of Tower Ridge is both more difficult and with more loose rock.

A full report with photos has been posted on West Coast Mountain Guides here. Here is the gist of the situation, quoted from the linked webpage:

"This report from Spike Sellers today on Tower Ridge. The two photos have been taken five days apart and show a considerable reduction in the amount of solid material at Tower Gap. A few years ago a significant block took flight on the uphill side of the gap and now the winter frosts have dislodged another ‘bomb’. It is clear that care will be required in this area and that the step down into the gap will now be harder than in the past. The advice from Spike is sound…….”Climbers heading for Glovers chimney might want to review the stumps of the pedestal we have directed folks’ feet onto in Tower Gap before this weekend’s accident. A little more trundling (with a lookout in No4?) after a longer step down required before the winter crowds perhaps. You might even want to leave a runner behind;)”….."

Needless to say, extra care should be taken on climbs of Tower Ridge until the loose stuff has been shifted.

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