Monday, 23 May 2011

The wildest of days in Glencoe (posted by James)

The Coire nam Beithiach waterfall starting to blow backwards in the wind

I awoke with a sore head this morning, a little rough after last night's celebrations for my birthday. I was a little disoriented, and for a few seconds I couldn't work out just what on earth the awful noise coming from outside was.

When the bothy then started to shake violently, I quickly worked it out….

I looked out the window, and the Achnabeithach waterfall was being blown vertically upwards into the air by the wind. An 80ft high waterfall, not touching the ground because the wind is so strong.

A member of Clachaig staff moves his car to a different bit of the carpark, and seconds later a large tree collapses onto where he'd just been. And then, a traffic jam outside the pub, because trees have fallen onto both the back road and the A82.

I've not seen a day so wild since living in Scotland. And although it could be seen as depressing, it is certainly quite a spectacular thing to witness!

There's rumours of 130mph gusts being recorded at some of the ski centres. Fingers crossed for no bad news from the hills tonight, I hope you've all been safe folks.


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