Thursday, 12 May 2011

Wet weather musings… (posted by James)

The weather in the Highlands never seems to do anything in half measures. After almost 2 weeks of continuous sunshine to end April, we've since had nothing but strong winds and downpours.

I've been very unlucky for the last 3 weeks - the longest stretch of spring sunshine I've seen in Scotland coincided with the hardest week at work I've ever done and as a result I only got on the hill once. I did a wonderful dawn crossing of the Aonach Eagach on a perfectly clear morning and got some cracking photos which I've posted at the bottom of this blog post.

But whilst running on the way down from the ridge I took a large stumble and landed all my weight on my left wrist, resulting in a nasty sprain and a lot of swearing.

It is feeling a lot better now, but it feels significantly weaker than it did before I took the fall, so I don't think I'm going to be climbing for at least another 3 weeks. Maybe the wet weather is something of a blessing, otherwise i'd be looking out the window at lovely dry rock and cursing my luck?

So down to work, rain and an injury, I've hardly been on the hill at all for 3 weeks now. And as much as I'm champing at the bit to get out again once the weather improves, there is just something about rain and grey summer skies which make me lethargic. I haven't even been able to motivate myself to get out running at all.

It really does make me realise, work and injuries aside…so much of my life is determined by the weather. From a photography point of view this type of summer greyness is unquestionably pretty useless. And in terms of climbing, most of my goals for this summer are going to be fairly bold solos (for me anyway), so I can't think about attempting them unless I've got dry rock.

Once the weather improves I'm going to have to quickly decide where to concentrate my energy! Photography, climbing or hillwalking? Watch this space!!

p.s here's some photos from the Aonach Eagach, before the weather broke!

Roll on the next spell of sunshine!


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