Thursday, 3 February 2011

A book for those of you who love Glencoe…. (posted by James)

Something different for you today!

On the 4th of March a paperback novel will go on sale that might just rank amongst the touching works of fiction ever written about the Scottish Highlands.

"Witch Light" by Susan Fletcher (Whitbread Prize- winning author of "Eve Green" and "Oystercatchers") is a historical fiction based on the events of the Glencoe massacre of the 13th february 1692. (Previously published in hardback as "Corrag").

But this is no ordinary historical fiction novel…for those of you who love Glencoe it will genuinely make you feel like you've rediscovered the glen, that you're visiting it for the first time. Even after living in Glencoe for over a year before first reading "Witch-Light", the sheer truth and beauty of the description of the Highlands that Susan Fletcher gives us took my breath away.

Whether you want a story about history, landscape, nature, or love, I cannot recommend "Witch Light" enough for those of you who know Scotland's most famous glen. Not a single word is wasted, and you will see Glencoe in a different light after reading it. It is a haunting, exquisitely beautiful work, and the only book that has ever brought me to tears.

Oh and If you decide to read it, check out the name credited to the landscape photos and the author portrait in the back of the book. You might just recognise it….


("Witch Light", ISBN 0007321600, available 4th March. Also available as "Corrag" in hardback).

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