Saturday, 13 November 2010

New snow

Conditions are in flux at the moment as a further change in the weather has deposited a new covering of snow. At 9:30am this morning snow was lying down to 550m; now there is a dusting down to 400m. Through the breaks in the clouds it appears to be quite a healthy covering above about 700m.

It's possible that the initial snowpack may have consolidated to some extent yesterday, so with a coating of new fresh powder it's worth bearing in mind a risk of small slides (albeit unlikely--the pack isn't thick enough yet for full-scale avalanches).

P.S. It's great to see an increase in traffic to the blog with the coming of the winter. Over the summer, unique visitors averaged 50 a day with a fair degree of uniformity. At the start of November it has shot up to an average of 200 unique visitors a day. Let's face it, this is a winter blog, not a summer one!

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