Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Finally revenge on the Brothers of Kintail (posted by James)

Ben Nevis and a misty morning

Aonach Meadhoin, Sgurr Bhealach Dearg and Saileag, Glen Shiel, early September 2010

I've made at least four attempts on the three Munros that make up the "Brothers of Kintail" ridge. I've been turned back by biblical rain, lethally unstable snow slopes, my own fairly bad car crash and muscle fatigue.

Today, however, was my day. Although I was knackered from my solo of North East Buttress, I went for it anyway. "Seize the day" is a mantra which I have successfully managed to lived my life by for the last two years.

I can't remember the last time I had moved so slowly going up a hill. My legs were just burning, having still not recovered from the Ben. But there was no way "the Brothers" were going to have their way again, I was bloody well going to do the ridge crossing come whatever.

The view along the North Shiel Ridge, from Saileig, my 60th Munro.

Once on the summit of Aonach Meadhoin (the first Munro of the ridge), it was a straightforward up and down ridge crossing, with spectacular views. In the distance, Ben Nevis towering over its surroundings, reminding me of my unforgettable day on the North East Buttress just 48 hours earlier. Even the snow patch in Observatory Gully could be seen, from such a distance - a reminder of the stunning winter that had come before, and the impending winter to come.

The summit of Saileag - my 60th Munro! September. Munro season is here again, a project to get stuck into before the winter arrives, when the real work begins again.

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  1. Well done James!

    I'd love to go up again on a good day to see the views! I had the same thing ascending to the ridge I just couldn't get a stride on at all.