Friday, 24 September 2010

Early "winter" conditions on Creag Meagaidh! (posted by James)

Alex and I have made no secret over the fact that we are both drooling at the prospect of the coming winter. No doubt it won't live up to the now legendary 2009/10 season, but for us the winter is endlessly more fun than the summer months.

I made a visit to two of the Munros on the Craig Meagaidh range this morning, for two reasons. Firstly they were both Munros I hadn't done before, and secondly Meagaidh is one of the prime ice climbing venues in Scotland, and I was interested to take a look for future reference.

It was unseasonably cold when I stepped out of my Bothy this morning, with a real bite to the wind. To my delight, I was snowed upon fairly heavily above 900m, albeit quite wet snow. But with rising altitude, signs of that wonderful transformation that the hills undergo with the start of the cold weather.

Rime ice on all the grass stems, thick ice on many rocks, and even frozen turf for the top 100m or so to the summit.

On the drive back, I could see snow also settled on the Grey Corries, the Aonachs and Ben Nevis.

Not winter yet by any means, it's only september. But it won't be long now. That's it folks, the game is on!

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