Thursday, 24 June 2010

Flickr test

Although I have been using Facebook for photo storage on this site since its creation, I have always been on the lookout for something better, while being cautious about unnecessary alterations. It seems incredible that it has taken me this long to set up a Flickr account, but here it is!

I shall be conducting a trial over the next few days to see how well this system works, and whether or not to go over to it completely. The main reason I am considering it is that I now have an iPad (lucky me!) which works well with Flickr but not so well with Facebook. Fear not, the Glencoe Mountaineer Facebook page will not suffer in the slightest, although at the moment I am having trouble connecting the two services together...

In the meantime, my brother James will be introduced as a guest blogger on the site until my return from Norway, and he'll be posting s bit about his own mountain adventures. My flight departs on the 5th of July; I can hardly wait!

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