Saturday, 6 February 2010

Quality over quantity

Since moving to Glen Coe, my climbing strategy has been one of saturation: get out on the hill as often as is humanly possible, even in the worst weather. This has paid off, to an extent. I have got a great deal of climbing mileage in over the last year and a half, with over fifty winter climbs and more like a hundred and fifty rock climbs. However, there comes a point when quantity over quality is no longer satisfactory, and I believe I have reached that point.

Readers will no doubt have noticed that my frequency of posting has decreased of late, since I am getting out less often. Since New Year I have had a run of terrible luck, with quite a few failed excursions due to my enthusiasm in getting out regardless of weather. Recently I have decided to be more discerning over when I choose to go climbing, in the hope that exercising better judgement will lead to a higher proportion of excellent days on the hill.

So I may post less frequently from now on, but hopefully I will have more successes to report and fewer failures! The weather is looking excellent for next week.


  1. your posts are always good quality

  2. Hope you can get out! You'll be getting cabin fever soon!