Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Brief conditions update - and more terrible news.

Two bodies found after avalanche (BBC News)

Firstly, yet another tragic accident has occurred as an avalanche on Ben Nevis has resulted in two deaths. Avalanches on Liathach and Beinn an Dothaidh have also required callouts and climbers are believed to have been injured. Looks like it's turning out to be another bad season for mountain accidents.

The cause of these avalanches is the deep powder snow which has remained undisturbed since it fell, thanks to the very cold temperatures and low winds. However, high winds today have stripped most of the hills to an extent on certain aspects, and done some re-distribution. This will mean certain routes will be less soul-destroying in terms of powder swimming but correspondingly danger from windslab on lee slopes will have increased.

Basically conditions on the mountains are quite bad in most places, and I have decided not to venture into the hills until things settle down. Once I have recovered from the insane Hogmanay week, I will however be seeking out low-level icefalls to climb! Elliot's Downfall is a little closer to touching down today.

Take care everyone, and happy New Year.


  1. happy new year to you too.

    first time i stumbled onto your site, like the work

    its good, lots of good stuff, great photo information

  2. Cheers for the comments! Happy new year.