Tuesday, 24 November 2009

A wet day in the Mamores

Despite the diabolical weather forecast, today I accompanied Jamie and Isi from the Ice Factor on a walk up Stob Ban. It's a good thing I had companions to drag me up the hill, otherwise I should have gone straight back to bed! The scramble up the North Ridge was very wet and windy. Due to the unfortunate mild spell, snow has failed to materialise--except in a wet form high on the Ben--and even at summit level on Stob Ban it was mild and wet. Very, very wet.

I'm glad I got out on the hill as I needed the exercise, even if we did all get drenched! Most of the rivers are now in high spate and starting to burst their banks; the Coe is already flooding meadows near the village.

Colder weather is on its way, so fingers crossed for next week. I am determined to remain optimistic!

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