Saturday, 28 November 2009

This IS it

Unfortunately I am at work today, so unable to get out on the hill myself, but this morning my brother James made a quick visit to Coire nan Lochan. He reported hard-frozen snow at the coire floor, and large accumulations plastering all the cliffs. I do not know what condition the snow is currently in higher than the coire floor level. Yesterday it was reported to be wet mush on Dorsal Arete, but there has been a short sharp freeze overnight, which will at the very least have formed a hard crust.

The weather is forecast to get increasingly cold over the coming few days, with largely clear skies, so conditions can only improve in the short term. I am hoping to get out on the hill every day from tomorrow until Wednesday, if all goes to plan, so I should very shortly have plenty to report!

The photos above indicate the sheer amount of snow that has fallen over the last week. It goes without saying that the gullies will be very dangerous until some serious consolidation has taken place.

Photos (C) James Roddie 2009

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