Saturday, 21 November 2009

New conditions feed

Since I am keeping an eye on what is happening weather-wise in the Glen every day, but only usually update this blog when I actually go on the hill, I thought it was about time I introduced some way of posting intermediate updates on developments. I have signed up to Twitter, the micro-blogging service, and on the toolbar to the right beneath the 'About me' section there is a live feed directly from my account.

This will be updated more often than this section, and will include any observations I make from my home in the Glen, accurate to the best of my ability. I am normally able to gauge the snowline with a reasonable degree of accuracy up to around about 1000m, but cannot see any ground above that contour.

As with all the information given on this site, how it is used is not my responsibility: it is offered in good faith, as a source of information amongst many used by modern climbers, not as a sole source of advice that should be relied upon. The most important information source for any climber should be his or her own judgement and experience.

Anyway, I'm not going on the hill today as it is far too windy, but tomorrow and Monday are looking a little more promising.


  1. I don't think it is working Alex?

  2. If in doubt, give it a refresh =)

  3. Doesn't appear to be working on Google Chrome I'm afraid. Niall K

  4. ps. Your disclaimer pre-empting UKC over-reaction made me chuckle. Niall K

  5. Yep, still seem to be some issues to iron out--it doesn't work on some versions of Safari either. It's a slightly crude implementation at the moment so might try to sort something better out.

    In the meantime I'm going to provide the link directly to the feed.