Monday, 9 November 2009


Today the weather was fine in the morning, but forecast to deteriorate throughout the afternoon. We decided on a short day with the potential for some new Munros, and to that end paid a visit to the Blackmount.

Meall a Bhuiridh and Creise are two of the easiest mountains in the Glen to climb, thanks to a high starting-point and a gentle walk to the summits (by the normal routes). We encountered ice and frozen ground from glen level upwards, soft snow from around 950m but only above about 1050m were the mountains in proper winter conditions. Ice axes were used but we decided not to put on crampons at all.

The scramble back up to the Creise - Clach Leathad ridge had suffered substantial snowmelt and was quite practicable without the use of crampons, although we found ice axes useful for frozen turf placements, since we chose the most difficult possible line through the crags! On the way down a front came in, the wind picked up and the clag came down.

I suspect this is the end of the good weather for the time being, and the forecasts would seem to indicate slow thaw at all but the highest levels for the next few days. However, it seems quite likely that the routes on Ben Nevis that are currently climbable might survive for a while yet.

Photos from today

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