Monday, 5 October 2009

So it begins

Snow showers over the past couple of days have dusted the top few hundred metres of Bidean nam Bian with powder snow--nothing substantial as yet, but the northern corries of the mountain are starting to gleam white, and every time it rains in the glen more snow is being deposited on the high peak. My friend John today reported a 'fair dusting'!

The forecast is for blizzards on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, after a brief thaw tomorrow. I plan to get as high as possible to investigate potentially developing conditions for myself. There is a very real chance, given the position of the isotherm over the past couple of days, that the highest rocky mixed routes might start to come into condition. Pygmy Ridge in the Cairngorms has already been done as a winter route yesterday.

Ladies and gentlemen, I declare the 2009/2010 Scottish winter mountaineering season open (at least until the first thaw!)

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