Monday, 26 October 2009

Local warning - Clachaig Gully path

Just a reminder to folks after tonight's incident that the Clachaig Gully path is not a safe way off the Aonach Eagach, particularly in the dark and at the end of a long day. A lot of people come down this way safely, but a significant proportion come to grief.

Without divulging personal details of the incident that occurred tonight (it is not my place to do so), the walkers in question were benighted near the top of the path but were helped down via the Pap of Glencoe col with the assistance of the Glencoe Mountain Rescue team. They arrived at the Clachaig just after 11pm after fourteen hours on the hill.

Although Clachaig Gully is the tempting option, leading from the summit directly to the pub, a descent this way can easily turn into a full-blown epic, even for experienced mountaineers.

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  1. Having used the path as my up route in June I completely agree, would not fancy coming down it at all.