Thursday, 13 August 2009

Lagangarbh Buttress

Today, with a brief window of fine weather between spells of rain, we decided to head over to Buachaille Etive Mor. Our plans were open-ended: with both climbing and walking gear in the car, we decided to take things as they came.

In the end we decided that the rock was still going to be too wet for climbing, although it continued to dry throughout the day. The Grade 2/3 scrambling route of Lagangarbh Buttress caught our eye, as a route we had wanted to do for some time and one of the most obvious ridges on the mountain.

The walk-in was even easier than the usual Buachaille walk-in ... literally ten minutes from the road! After stomping up soggy ground for a while, we climbed some easy rough slabs of excellent rock for a fair distance before encountering steeper ground. At this point the route became less obvious, but still maintained its non-serious atmosphere as we debated which way to go. We tried several variations but ended up following the most fun option all the way to the top!

At one point, Isi and James turned a steep wall on the left, while I decided to find a way through the steep ground directly. It proved to be harder than it looked, thanks to a band of less-good (and greasy) rock.

The ridge continued more easily until one final steep section of scrambling, which leads to the top of the route. After a short walk up scree, we arrived at the ridge crest.

Lagangarbh Buttress proved to be a leisurely, chilled-out route and a good option for a 'drying' day.

Photos from today


  1. Alex....hope you don't mind but I've just sent a friend request via facebook. I read this blog a lot and love it

  2. I saw you when we were sorting out our gear at the Lagan Garbh Hut, well at the bridge. Rannoch Wall turned out to be bone dry!

  3. I wondered who it might have been sorting gear! Just goes to show you can never tell about what will or won't be dry ... we were thinking about January Jigsaw, but it had rained a fair bit overnight and we figured the wall might still be in the shade.

  4. hey, i've read your stuff on g w young on your 'freeman of the hill' page, it's very interesting and good to know other people are also interested in him and his work. i'm no expert but i like his poems (when i can find them), and i love hills and mountains too. anyway couldn't find a contact for you but wanted to say i think you may have got one of the words wrong in only a hill... on the third line you've repeated ': a little higher', but i think it's actually ': a little nigher ... to clouds and silence' as in nearer.
    anyway hope you get more good climbing in this year, annie :-)

  5. Hi Annie--well spotted, I hadn't noticed the mistake, but you are quite right!

    I'm a big fan of GWY's poetry (all of his work, actually), and it's nice to hear there are other fans out there. I'm still working on the book with Young as a character, albeit very slowly!