Monday, 15 June 2009

Curved Ridge with Maz

Today Maz and I walked up Buachaille Etive Mor to climb Curved Ridge. She had done the Aonach Eagach the previous day and was keen to try something a little harder, so Isi suggested Curved Ridge as a good next step up the ladder.

The weather proved to be on the atmospheric side, with swirling mist masking the buttresses and ridges of the Buachaille. Curved Ridge was a good choice for Maz: she found it challenging but not worrying, despite the damp rock, and we only got the rope out for the awkward corner pitch.

After we reached the summit, the clouds lifted a bit and we romped along the ridge towards the second Munro. A quick descent down the scree path, then back to a shift behind the bar!

It was also very good to see my friends from the UEA Fell and Mountaineering Club, most of whom I had not seen in exactly a year. Almost like visitors from another world, in fact--and it felt very bizarre being behind the bar instead of on the other side of it!

Photos from today


  1. I wondered if they were fell club friends of yours..... ironic considering we were talking about it while walking along the ridge!

    I had a brilliant time and have the bruises and aches to remind me for the short term! Bring on the next adventure!!

  2. Yep, it was a grand day out! Maybe getting on the hill again tomorrow, but the weather's not looking too great...