Thursday, 2 April 2009

Polldubh this afternoon

Another day of fine, warm weather dawned with us taking a group of Clachaig staff to the Ice Factor for an introduction to climbing. John and Sue particularly enjoyed themselves and I suspect several of those present will be back for more!

By mid-afternoon we were on the way to the Fort for a quick session at Polldubh. We only had a short time before our bus was due so headed for Tricouni Buttress with the intention of doing Tricouni Slab, a classic VDiff I have wanted to do for some time. It proved to be an excellent route, exposed and not over-protected but the climbing was both of high quality and quite easy. I breezed most of the slab on lead except for one move which had to be figured out: eventually I discovered that I was starting a few inches too far to the right! With this realisation the move was completed with ease.

Today conditions were warm and dry, excellent for rock climbing. Large snow patches remain in Glencoe and I expect Coire nan Lochan is still mostly full of snow in the gullies. Temperatures are mild but are forecasted to fall over the weekend. I think it's safe to say that winter is over from the perspective of more difficult winter routes, but the easy gullies will be possible for quite some time yet if you choose your day, given clear weather and the odd overnight frost.

We're going back to Polldubh tomorrow for the whole day, so fingers crossed that it won't rain.

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