Friday, 3 April 2009

Another afternoon of climbing at Polldubh

With more fine, hot weather Isi and I decided to spend another afternoon at Polldubh doing some classic routes. First to fall was Tyke's Climb, the Very Difficult start to Repton Ridge, a route I had done a year earlier in big boots. We finished up Repton Ridge and found it easy but just as enjoyable and varied as I had found it last March. The so-called 'hand traverse' proved to have excellent footholds when wearing rock boots!

After that I led Three Pines (Severe 4a) which I found straightforward except for the steep crux section. Three or four tricky, committing--but well-protected--moves lead to an easy upper slab that was probably nearer Diff than VDiff thanks to the huge juggy handholds. I took my time at the crux on lead but ultimately found it easier than Fence Edge the other week, even though I seconded on that occasion.

The evening was ticking away by that point, but we still had time for one more route. The Gutter caught our eye as one of the classic Diffs at the crag. Since it looked easy, we soloed it and found it very straightorward but an enjoyable route nevertheless. Also managed to get a good look at the adjacent Pine Wall (now Hard Severe I believe), and have resolved to climb this at some point, when we feel ready!

An excellent day all-round, and a couple of days off well-spent. Tomorrow we are heading up the Ballachulish Horseshoe for an easy morning of walking before work.

Facebook album from today (including yesterday's photos as well)


  1. Think of Pine Wall as basically run-out V Diff (it's been V Diff in the past) and you'll know what to expect. Needs a cool head, so probably worth Severe for that, but it's never Hard Severe and you should be 'ready' anytime *if* you're comfortable with the run-out!

  2. Sounds good Pete--I definitely want to get on that route next time I go to Polldubh! Won't be tonight though as I'm a bit tired after North Buttress on the Buachaille and fancy a lazy night. =)