Monday, 9 March 2009

Stob Coire nan Lochan today

No photos from today unfortunately as I have lost my camera and am awaiting its replacement.

Today I decided to head into Coire nan Lochan to have a look at Boomerang Arete. As I was first along the path, the task of breaking trail fell to me. Towards the steepening at the top of the stream this became tiring work, as the snow varied between hard crust and powder up to a metre deep in places!

To avoid the slope of deep snow to the right of the little buttress at the head of the stream, I climbed the buttress itself direct. It made an entertaining little climb, maybe 60-70m in height, at around Grade II/III standard by the line I took. The turf was well-frozen and there was even a decent amount of ice.

Upon reaching the coire, I saw SC Gully avalanche all at once. Seconds later, the lower part of Boomerang Gully went as well. Spindrift was pouring over all the crags: a wild sight indeed. Everything appeared to be very banked-out, and Dorsal Arete seemed to almost merge into Broad Gully and Forked Gully. As I was soloing and due back in work by five, and had just seen part of Boomerang Arete wiped out by an avalanche, I decided to call it a day and head for home. Luckily I managed to glissade most of the way down!

Several other teams were up in the coire today, including the Brenin and a number of groups with Dorsal Arete in mind. What we need now is a good spell of consolidation to sort out all the loose snow.

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