Tuesday, 24 February 2009

No news

Little news from Glencoe, as the weather remains much the same: mild, misty, and damp. Teams doing the Aonach Eagach today reported the ridge itself to be entirely dry of snow, if not 'dry' in the real sense of the word! They did however report some snow lingering on the northern side of the ridge.

Despite all the doom and gloom, the thaw is obviously quite slow as there has been little change to the remaining snow patches on Aonach Dubh visible from the pub. I haven't been up to Coire nan Lochan in a few days but I expect there will still be lots of (wet) snow left up there.

We're still praying for a freeze but the long-distance forecast continues to promise more mild weather. There is hope for the late season to come together, but in the meantime we're probably going to Aonach Mor this week, which is probably the last place where any form of half-decent conditions remain in Lochaber.

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