Sunday, 8 February 2009

New Glencoe blog

By popular demand, I have decided to start posting conditions reports again from Glencoe! However, due to the negative atmosphere on the winter forums on UKClimbing I will now only be posting on here, a new blog dedicated to winter mountaineering in Glencoe (although it will certainly also feature entries from other areas).

Firstly an important note. One of the issues raised on UKC was the question of responsibility. How this information is used is not my responsibility: it is offered in good faith, as a source of information amongst many used by modern climbers, not as a sole source of advice that should be relied upon. The most important information source for any climber should be his or her own judgement and experience.

I believe that information on conditions can only be a good thing. We live in the real world and for most of us that means travelling long distances to do our climbing. Any extra information that can help us decide where to go or what to climb should be welcomed by climbers, and it should not be seen as detracting from the spirit of adventure with which we set forth into the mountains. After all, you have to choose to read conditions updates--nobody is forcing you!

I hope that this will become a useful resource. Safe climbing.

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